Setting the date and/or weekday on your vintage watch

Vintage watches have a certain attraction to a lot of people, but even those who aren't really into vintage watches might find themselves the proud owner of one. Perhaps a loved one passed away and when cleaning up the house you found an old watch you remember your father wearing when you were a boy and since you have some nice memories about that you decide to keep it. Maybe a grown-up gave you a present they thought you might enjoy instead of that junk Donnie Wallingdon you've been wearing like it's a real watch.

Whatever the reason(s), you find yourself with something older than yourself or at least almost at old on your wrist, and darned if you can find a way to set the date other than by muscle. And if today is the 19th and the watch shows 21st, you don't really enjoy the prospect of spending the next ten minutes manually turning the hands forward 696 hours to set the correct date. Not even to think about doing that the next time you haven't worn the watch for a few days.

So how do you set the date and possibly weekday on an old watch like this? We've made a little video to help out and also include a few other tips. Make sure to check it out here and click like and subscribe if you think it's worth it!